The first file from the Imperial Palace cultural variety star led visits did not open the mysterious region

Xia Zhi Li

In November 2018 09, 09:23 source: Beijing daily
Original title: visit the Imperial Palace star led open the mysterious region

Actor Deng Lun as one of the guests on the show, leading the audience to visit the Imperial Palace.

This paper established two the Imperial Palace cultural variety show xiangbobo "national treasure" national treasure "if" talking program has let the Imperial Palace relics sought after by young people. Tonight, the first large-scale cultural season produced by the Imperial Palace show "new the Imperial Palace", in the Beijing TV premiere, which is the cultural variety show for the first time into the the Imperial Palace real shot.

"The new the Imperial Palace" in 2018 by the the Imperial Palace Museum and the Beijing television produced, Hua Chuan culture jointly produced film and television production, Springfield large cultural season broadcast programs, plans for the three season. Different from the traditional cultural variety, the "new the Imperial Palace", by Dunn and Yiwei Zhou as the star of a new the Imperial Palace developer led by the the Imperial Palace, a special guest - Qing drama "empress" group, creative designers, together with the Royal cat offspring "Luban" cat participated in Shibao Palace in the Imperial Palace under the guidance of experts, let the audience truly by this program and the "shuttle". The program group invited to the classic role played in the explosion of Red Palace, "The Legend of Zhen Huan" and "actor Ada Choi queen sourdrang secret history" big jade as quiet, let them with memories of the Imperial Palace Revisited "work".

The program will display the 35% mysterious area of the Imperial Palace is not open to the public, the film and television works relatively rare, Qianlong garden Fangzhai, South three scenes of the true face of will in the program have been opened. The first phase of the program, Deng Lun, Yiwei Zhou guest and Ada Choi in the the Imperial Palace Film Institute Research Institute under the leadership of Zhu Yong quest to explore the Qianlong garden, not open to the public Juanqin fast. Yiwei Zhou played by Emperor Qian Long, interpretation of the relevant historical scenes, vivid show Qian Long Jiangnan complex.

Deputy director of the Beijing satellite television program center Cheng Jun said, "this program specifications in our table is very high, each director is personally review, this program will become another explosion of Beijing satellite tv." As the new "Zhu Yong," the Imperial Palace screenwriter, he said, "this is the first time in the history of the Imperial Palace productions. From the "new the Imperial Palace", in a sense the propaganda of the Imperial Palace has entered a new stage, more fully open to the public, and the public exchange."

Zhu Yong, the show was captured in the Imperial Palace Museum "Red Net" President Dan Jixiang's strong support, the single Dean advised the team can be shot in the Imperial Palace on the Imperial Palace under the Royal cat mascot, also shot for the show gives full cooperation and efforts, unique. "In addition to our film so, in yuanban the coordination process, including the open part of the palace, and all involved departments and experts, the the Imperial Palace is the unity of participating in the program." Zhu Yong said, the reason for this support, hope that a new way by a young people love, lively fashion, the the Imperial Palace for nearly six hundred years history of cultural treasures to pass down the program planned to shoot season three, season 10 sets, to the year after the Imperial Palace was founded in 600th anniversary when there will be 30 sets of content."

Directed by such a variety of culture, Chinese traditional culture, chief content officer Springfield film CEO maojia as general director, said the program group both honored and feel a lot of pressure. Chupin and program group attaches great importance to the protection of cultural relics and awe, the show only under limited conditions and promise to take up the most beautiful picture, which requires Chupin and producers coordinate with dozens of departments, a large scene lens may need up to two months for communication. "Strictly speaking, our crew except feet can walk on the Imperial Palace tile, all staff and artists are absolutely not to touch anything in the the Imperial Palace, which is the basic attitude we protect cultural relics." Mao Jia introduction, when shooting needs to set up a heavy machine, many photographers are also on artificial shoulder hand, if the machine floor must also be wrapped in a sponge.

Out of the the Imperial Palace in awe, the program group from the content of history to guess clothing, are with rigorous attitude eleven research. The program group in the aspect of the use of actors playing strictly for restoring the historical clothing, even used clothing jewelry is really. According to reports, there is a scene to actor who sat on the throne picture show, the program group in time than to really tight Throne made by production staff props props, even the Imperial Palace experts emotion can be deceptive.

(commissioning editor Zou Jing and Wu Yaxiong)