Focus on the film festival film enterprises at the helm to the road of innovation

In November 2018 09, 09:23 source: Nan Fang Daily
Original title: the movie "helm" to the road of innovation

In November 8th, the twenty-seventh session of the Chinese Film Festival "China state-run film enterprise development forum" held in Foshan China center. More than 30 China state-owned film enterprises from around the country gathered to discuss the "helm" the road of innovation and development in state owned enterprises in the new era of film". Hundreds of film industry experts, private entrepreneurs, Hongkong film celebrities, veteran filmmaker also attended the forum.

The forum site also released the "investigation report on the development of state-owned film company China" (Draft) report, in-depth study of the current situation and difficulties of state-owned film enterprises, redefining the position and orientation of state-owned film enterprises, study the opportunities and challenges for the further development of state-owned enterprises.

Thoroughly state-run film enterprise development status

The forum is organized by the Chinese Federation of literary and art circles, China Film Association, jointly organized by the Foshan Municipal People's government, Chinese Federation of Film Art Center, Pearl River Film Group Limited, the office of the Executive Committee of academic activities, Shunde District People's government, the Foshan daily joint undertaking.

"The state-owned film studios dedicated many classic screen for China, cultivate a new generation of film, made a pioneering contribution to the development and prosperity of China's film industry." China Film Association of party secretary, standing vice president Zhang Hong said.

In the 40 anniversary of reform and opening up, the Pearl River film, Xi'an, Xiaoxiang, Emei have also ushered in the construction of 60 anniversary. At present, the changes in the size of the market, turn the world upside down Chinese film industry product structure, facing the new era, new challenges, upgrading and development of state-owned enterprises, but also ushered in a new opportunity. Zhang Hong believes that the state-owned film enterprise resources is very prominent, how to play the advantages of state-owned cultural enterprises, explore the innovative business model for their own development, the realization of creative transformation and innovative development, is the state-owned film company the next problem to be solved urgently.

The concern is that in order to seek breakthrough of state-owned film enterprise development road, industrial research department Chinese Film Association organized 18 film industry scholars took six months to go to the country to investigate the state owned film companies, including film, film, film, film, pearl film, West Tianshan, Inner Mongolia, Emei, Xiaoxiang so, the formation of China development of state-owned film company research report of more than 20 words "(Draft), and first published in this forum.

The opportunities and challenges of state-owned film

The report's lead author, Tsinghua University professor Yin Hong said that since the reform and opening up, bring new opportunities and challenges to the development of the market economy. The state-owned enterprises are facing two kinds of new and old movies attack system, difficult to complete the transition from planned economy to market economy, while shouldering the pressure of market competition state "of the national mission and enterprise are facing, along different paths of reform.

The report pointed out that at present most of the state-owned film agency has completed restructuring of enterprises, governments at all levels to provide the corresponding policy support and difficult legacy solutions, some enterprises in the professional group, industrial restructuring. "This reform makes the level of intensive assets of state-owned film companies have increased significantly, the scale of the foundation assets have improved significantly." Yin Hong also pointed out that the development of state-owned enterprises is still unbalanced current film. The specific performance of the majority of enterprises in small scale, low operation efficiency and imbalance of industrial sectors.

The state-owned enterprises in the overall development of China film film industry, has played a positive role to lead the film culture value, rich cultural diversity, promote the film industry and the prosperity of the film market." Yin Hong suggested that the next step should be toward state-owned film motivation and productivity and the vitality of the release of the direction of reform, promote the integration of resources in cross media, cross industry, cross regional, and establish a incentive mechanism, fair competition of human resource system.

Recommended the establishment of support fund

As the annual profit of over 1 billion yuan of state-owned film enterprises "leading", China La Peikang film chairman of Limited by Share Ltd to share a lot of experience in the transformation and development of film shares. He said that in nearly two years to explore the implementation of "occupation managers", familiar with the business development of the cinema to invite professionals to act as occupation managers to give advice and suggestions China film cinema development. Bonus and Performance Project Manager occupation.

The Pearl River Film Group party secretary, chairman Wang Chuilin believes that the overall market environment, the industry is paying more attention to the quality of the video content regression stage. Zhu Ying will be starting in 40th anniversary new starting point of reform and opening up, bring grab Guangdong Bay Area Construction of the historical opportunity, deepen the reform of institutional mechanisms, integration of the group's internal and external resources, good at shooting the Pearl River film heritage reality theme "city life" tradition, strengthen the main melody of the focus of the film the hatching of creation, the unity of effort. The social and economic benefits, has China style, south of the Five Ridges style film and television works, and actively promote the diversification of film products, the "Pearl shadow produced" to form a good influence in the industry.

For the future development of the state-owned film group, Xiaoxiang Film Group General Manager Gu Liang suggested that the establishment of the state-owned film industry support fund, to support the development of state-owned film enterprises; the establishment of state-owned film group consortium, to strengthen state-owned film group complementary resource sharing, overcome institutional obstacles. At the same time, recommended the establishment of state-owned cinema alliance, "the issue of resource integration, pushing operations, to get more right to speak, let more excellent films, the film received positive energy row piece support by the audience attention." Gu Liang said. (reporter Bi Jiaqi Trainee reporter Huang Kunyuan)

(commissioning editor Zou Jing and Wu Yaxiong)