Beijing Daily: good acting original can also be valuable

Chun Mei Niu

11 month 2018 years 09 days from 09:23: Beijing daily
Original title: good acting original can also be valuable

Actor Liu Tianchi played a lot of roles, but not known; teacher Liu Tianchi is the drama teacher, many stars in the film business teacher today, is not known by the public; "I am the actor" acting coach Liu Tianchi, because of the explosion of programs for the public known. The acting as a selling point of the show, featuring Liu Tianchi, the actors "acting" emerged as a hardware. The latest news is that Liu Tianchi Performance Workshop Sequoia Capital Investment of tens of millions of yuan, to drama education audience expanded from professional groups to the general public.

As we know, the professional colleges acting teacher if there is no opportunity to show, through the teaching to earn extra money, some people are so paid. But a teacher with performance can get tens of millions of dollars of investment risk, this is ever, acting strength probably has never been marked off such a high price.

Say, good acting popular, thanks to the not too many actor. Nice skin easily popular, but also a lot of basic standard professional institutions to recruit student performances, because there is a good skin can better convey feeling, make the person both pleasure and pleasing to the eye. Good skin is supposed to be a good conductor of thoughts and feelings, but now many stars dare to move the knife under the ruthless hand to create beautiful skin for yourself, how nice to look, is a poor conductor, even so are insulators, was ridiculed as "wood" or "paralysis". Show this insulator much, everyone is probably not miss those looks fine, but it will give you the strength of the actors for the passions.

Gradually, the acting pursuit, a circle of self behavior is becoming. We know that Xun Zhou has a popular talk show called "words" will be good performers, the skins are thrown aside, the strength to send guests, will be performing as a subject to study, ponder. Xun Zhou and Chen Kun and others launched the "mountain school", the domestic and foreign famous professor performance.

Logically speaking, the actor is to develop by professional institutions, if not there are various celebrity endorsements or founder of the training class. Why do you need Liu Tianchi's acting workshop, also need to "the mountain school"?

In fact, should show is a life-long course, is also a scientific training. Professional practitioners, in different stages of life have different understanding of the performance, when young, can rely on aura by talent, but the older you need to learn to summarize and learn new methods to mining. But now the domestic performance practitioners lack the concept of continuing education, it would improve their performance through their own thinking, and lack of understanding is the lack of learning consciousness of young actors, but also a taste you can indulge in when the vase, when the flow star dream. However, traffic often like the meteor, the splendid moment, and quickly to the dead. When you think about it, how much traffic burst of red star is not now cool?

Now even the capital begin to stare at the teacher shows the commercial potential, the lack of acting actor not to move, the makeup of no, light on the face may not work.

(commissioning editor Zou Jing and Wu Yaxiong)