"You and me in time" author Zhao Liying said warmer than thought

Jun Zeng

In November 2018 09, 09:40 source: Guangzhou Daily
Original title: the original author Zhao Liying said warmer than thought

TV drama "you and me in time" will visit the Oriental TV in November 12th. Yesterday, a public key creative launch conference in Shanghai, Zhao Liying for some reason did not attend, the original author Ding Mo said that the actress than she can imagine more warm, acting is guaranteed.

The play adapted from the novel of the same name ding ink, although its propaganda emphasis on "sweet pet", now there will be a plot, but the original author Ding Mo believes that only a part of the show's emotional drama, but the story focuses on the war.

The business performance of domestic drama was friends known as the "house", "you and me in time" to avoid the pit? In this regard, Ding Mo revealed that she had undergone several years of management consulting work in writing before, familiar with the enterprise and in the workplace, so that the audience can stand the test.

Ding Mo said that Zhao Liying's image of temperament and acting is very suitable for the role, "the audience as I appreciate her, there is acting well-known,, very independent, a female temperament, like in the book. Just Lin Qianyou cold, she will be warmer, more three-dimensional facial features."

Talking about the actor played by Kim Han Ding ink, frankly, do not know much about the actor, but that the other temperament make people uncomfortable, "this young man has to start before the special forces training base for many days, just to take the play, I think he is very professional, so I am very happy".

In the play, Yu Haoming's business elite extends many scenes Gu, and Zhao Liying, talked about the difficulties, playing the role. He said: "the key is the role of the elite temperament, not feeling very overbearing president, hope to be down to earth and went to the people inside the image of the elite, I try to do in the performance process relax."

(commissioning editor Zou Jing and Wu Yaxiong)