"Nobody": the fate of Rhapsody

Chung Ling

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Original title: "nobody": the fate of Rhapsody

This is a small group of edge of chaos, the fate of the characters of Rhapsody, embarrassed and helpless, hard and strong, or joy or anger or sadness, or music, are vividly melt in the. It demonstrates -- those little life is such a "surge high and sweep forward for some people, want to come through the ordinary life is also a kind of luxury.


"Ant tears, foolish bandit for love; out of mud bud, also has a name."


There is a romantic and somewhat sad. Pure encounter is accidental, because this is a movie plot summary of energy response, I went to see directed by Rao Xiaozhi, Chen Jianbin, Ren Suxi, Zhang Yu, Pan Binlong starred in the movie "nobodies". Release date, this is known as "the annual Horse Film Score dazzling, box office more than 6.5 billion yuan, Douban scores remained stable at 8.2. No traffic star participation can also get reputation bumper box office, is not accidental, the film with black humor style banter ordinary life several characters in bitterness, frustration, success earned laughter and tears of countless people.

The story happened in a small town not flashy. A kind of love and "ruthless", a dream to work within the system security, a remnant of the tongue of Shen Canzhi is a female, doing menial jobs for a massage girl, and escape the lost Laolai couple, a pair of love of boys and girls, there is a group of police and a a group of hooligans, guns, for robbery, debt is not only a series of "motivation", these people of different identities have a overlap cannot be predicted in an ordinary day.

Strictly speaking, the film characters in addition to paralysis of the tongue, the daughter of Ma Xianyong Majhi Ma Jiaqi, the female and the performance of official police, the other characters is hardly positive character, in addition to life is loser, frustrated, they have caused harm to others.

Poor security Ma Xianyong, because drunk driving personally ruined by the death of his wife, his sister Ma Jiaqi is so paralyzed. Middle aged people still unbearable tyranny yiyanbuge, he beat her daughter, and not the occasion regardless of time. Want to rob the yangmingliwan "glasses" and "big head", a fight for dignity to marry a girl, and the cowardly armed robbery of a mobile phone shop, although they do not want to hurt, but due to all sorts of accidental mishaps "glasses" in fear or bullets on innocent people. The difficulties of life and hardships to rob? Even if they have a good, but also to make such a move, and "good" people with a sense of distance. These are obviously negative labels of small characters, because the fate of the intertwined, opened another corner of the underlying social reality -- riddled with a thousand wounds forced by life, have gone astray, but also adhere to justice, look up to the sky, look for light, hope their dream come true.

This is a comedy? Of course。

The film has strong comedy, stupid robbers "glasses" and "big", and Ma Jiaqi has no female tongue will to survive, almost all of the contracted bursting point in the film. "Glasses" and "big", known as "ruthless" timid, the bank a security scare immediately changed their plan to commit a crime; robbery crime means extremely mobile phone shop in pediatrics, escape also put the tools of crime of motorcycle into the tree; Ma Jiaqi strayed into the home after the robbery came back to a pile of fundamental worthless model, IQ worrying also threatened to become bigger and stronger; mouth shouting Hansha, even the courage to kill a ants are not. Naive walk, the first is to let people know evil funny. In the closed space "Duel" and they and Ma Jiaqi are really ridiculous, Ma Jiaqi bent to die for them all kinds of irony, various challenges, hope the other party to solve her life; do not want to harm "glasses" and "big", has experienced countless times and provoked numerous "butcher". All of the "battle of wits" and "confrontation" are very dramatic.

This is a tragedy? Also of course.

"Nobody" has a lot of tears touching moments: Ma Jiaqi determined to give up life, through the door brother exhort, that is my last goodbye, the most warm and most desolate; in order to help to leave a normal picture in before the death of the horse Jiaqi round this dream, "and" glasses "big on the roof with various measures so that she can stand is not smooth, it is a kind of" bad "for a good work, the most warm and most helpless; Ma Jiaqi to" glasses "before leaving, open the gas for her" glasses "as she left a window, painting a painting that is struggling between the Similarly afflicted people pity each other. keep each other warm, the most happy is the most hopeless...... While the ordinary people and the tragic fate of tortuous path, but also a sad time when the police indescribable Ma Xianyong stretched out hand of hope in God, drunk driving changed his life, his wife died, the job lost, although he still can, but only a dog's day. He can not afford to pay her accommodation, can not let her forgive your own mistakes, want to buy a house with an elevator, the boss and run away. He is a thoroughly hapless child, life ran deep layers of falling. Originally a happy life of Ma Jiaqi, in a car accident after the slagheap, once healthy life brings tremendous contrast, now even incontinence can not deal with this distress, not the dignity of life, let her completely lost the desire for life.

Bitter, bitter indeed. Desire and dream is not the bottom of little difficult to achieve, is ordinary people experience a body hit, after a major turning point in life.

Although the film is very restraint on the sensational, there are still people were moved to tears. Some people say that they cried silently in the cinema as a dog, see everyone in the film is like himself; others said he was moved to splinters before halftime, everyone laughed at the second half, everyone was crying, "what is the interpretation of the film strength smiled and laughed and cried".

A smile and a tear in the story will indeed survival little edge narrates is very moving, but the film's role in life, not everyone can feel the heart that unable to struggle, if it is "God", or some exaggeration. What's more, whether it is the overall structure of the story, or a character set, or comedy and tragedy appearance of the kernel configuration, this film was like the Hao Ning classic "crazy stone".

Describe the two story, all because of a coincidence, the related people are gathered at the beginning of a ridiculous farce. Are many clues cross narrative, finally broke out in the same scene climax. Whether it is "the missing gun" nobody, or "Crazy Stone" in the lost jade, is the movie will continue the story. By Zhang Yu and Pan Binlong as the "glasses" and "big head" composed of "ruthless" group of two people, like "Crazy Stone" in Liu Hua and Huang Bo's "Dao" and "black" low IQ bandit group, they have the same "ideal", make a lot of money, there are the same qualities -- stay, stupid, stupid; Chen Jianbin played by Ma Xianyong security control "Crazy Stone" in Guo Tao's defense chief Bao Shihong, two of them are very persistent, one for the gun and occupation ideal in-depth investigation of a case, a loss to the jade "longtanhuxue" to pursue further. There are so many similar, less fresh is inevitable, will inevitably make people have the film "Crazy Stone" with low copycat version of the vu.

Unfortunately, the same is a little story, the same black humor, but imitation saw its shape is not the soul of goodness in the resort to "Crazy Stone" people always have good inspirational theme, "" nobody except little sorrow and mourning, in addition to the "life as the helpless." I can't imagine the deeper meaning. And the same is multi cue cross narrative, "Crazy Stone". Everyone is very reasonable, and also to the intention is not violated, but "nobody" at the end of the war to the bridge, but was forced to meet a coincidence, in other words, there is no necessary link between these roles, like a "twisting the melon" to together and together.

However, although there are many flaws, this should feel pain in a story, or elsewhere do make people smile to warm warmth. Perhaps, you can not find the absolute good and evil here, only to see the ants humble and stubborn.

A movie is a small edge of chaos, the fate of the characters of Rhapsody, embarrassed and helpless, hard and strong, or joy or anger or sadness, or music, are vividly melt in the. It demonstrates -- those little life is such a "surge high and sweep forward for some people, want to come through the ordinary life is a luxury.

(commissioning editor Zou Jing and Wu Yaxiong)

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