"Detective Pu Songling" will stall the Lunar New Year's day Jackie Chan interpretation of a fantasy version of Pu Songling

Wang Lin

2018 12 06 April 09:40 source: beijing morning post
Original title: Jackie Chan interpretation of a fantasy version of Pu Songling

"Detective stories" on New Year's Day

By Jackie Chan starred in the fantasy action film "detective stories" will be released next year on New Year's day, the film released yesterday "entering the Wonderland" trailer and a group of character posters, exposure point. The video for the first time to expose the film fantasy otherworldly visual effects, posters revealed two groups of people: the relationship between Jackie Chan and Lin Po hung is a mentoring partner, Ethan Ruan and Zhong Chuxi knew love deduction.

"Detective stories" produced by Liu Xiaoguang, directed by Jackie Chan, Yan Jia, Ethan Ruan, Zhong Chuxi, Lin Baihong, Lin Peng, Pan Changjiang, King-Tan Yuen, Joe fir, Luu Brothers, starring Jiang Yuan. The film at the beginning of 2018 had finished filming, then a year by the country's top special team devote themselves to create the film's visual effects, and strive to bring a magnificent audience for classical Oriental Fantasy world. The "entering Wonderland" show the movie trailer in addition to stunning visual effects, but also for the first time to expose the film's view of the world, through the creative "Jackie Chan story" set, interesting answer to "detective" origin.

Detective Jackie Chan has starred in many "Police Story" series of brave, has the immortal starred in "Kung Fu King" in the SAGE-like type, but in this movie "detective" in Jackie Chan and his past are not the same. For the first time in fantasy blockbuster Jackie Chan is a writer and warrior, he will tell the story will be "pit child", also in Wonderland, under this world, catch demon, full of delight and elegant chic. At the end of the trailer flashed at the age of twenty, Jackie Chan, is a blockbuster egg. It is understood that the production team with special reference to Jackie Chan's early classic film, combined with the technology of three-dimensional, two-dimensional, fit the plot were younger for Jackie Chan, perfectly reproduce the Jackie Chan twenty years old.

(commissioning editor Zou Jing and Wu Yaxiong)