"Neptune" imagination is like "Avatar bursting submarine"

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In December 2018 06, 09:51 source: new express
Original title: "Sea King" is like "Avatar submarine"

Make the audience excited

Directed by Chinese director Wen Ziren's "Sea King" will be landing in the theaters in December 7th, than the North American release two weeks earlier than the mainland audience, blessed. The day before yesterday, the film in Beijing and Guangzhou held the viewing activities ahead of the IMAX version. "Neptune" will be the whole story of the scene, moved to the sea, whether Canruo Galaxy submarine in Atlantis, a variety of deep-sea exotic animals, or underwater ship speed racing and powerful, fierce melee, see the audience xuemobizhang, "cool," imagination bursting "version of" Afanda called the sea "".

The country of Atlantis to suffocating beauty

"Sea King" by Jason Moamar, Amber Heard, Patrick Wilson and other stars, like most superhero movie origin story, produced by the lighthouse keeper and sea country Atlantis Neptune Arthur Currie (played by Jason Moamar), gradually realized his family and blood essence, and Mae La (played by Amber Heard) together against a deeper hostile half brother -- the Sea Lord om. In the process of identity, Neptune completed the ultra ability, accept and found a harmonious coexistence and ultra ability of traditional routine.

Convincing, "Neptune" still let the audience see blood boil, it vividly described the reduction in comics underwater fantasy world. In addition to the seabed in Atlantis dazzling dream wonders, there are a variety of brain hole wide open and rare animals, giant shark, elegant in the Legion, in a threatening manner Pippi shrimp, octopus tentacles of the brave warrior is used to the drums. Who directed the "speed 7" director Wen Ziren will be their own good bowel action to "burn" Neptune, underwater spaceship chase, agile rhythmic melee, sea monsters fierce fight, each scene fully and delightfully cool.

Some silly big circle of countless Neptune powder

Jason Moamar played in the "Justice League" Neptune had appeared, the big upright and interesting, even a little silly hanhan. In the "Sea King", Jason Moamar is the circle of powder countless, his interpretations of Arthur Currie has natural demeanor, and compassion. As the mother of the queen of Atlantis said "the king was only in charge of their own country, and the hero is the heart of all mankind", so Neptune becomes a link peace association between land and sea. In the film, a few water fight scenes smooth and clean, quite a prize. Jason Moamar said that in order to perfect the fight scenes, crazy physical exercise, learning Judo jiu-jitsu and various martial arts, during the filming of "Wu" continue to unlock new skills.

Amber Heard presents a charming red hair beauty, she played by MAE La princess is brilliant, and the protagonist of the light complement each other. In addition, I would like to mention that, Niicole Kidman version of the Atlantis, quite beautiful, can not remember how long she didn't appear on the big screen, but there is no doubt that the times are stunning.

(commissioning editor Zou Jing and Wu Yaxiong)

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